Online shopping is the act of buying products and services over the internet. It is the popular thing nowadays since it is convenient and is the easiest in bargaining from home or office.

Best online shops and the tricks they apply.

Have you wondered o ecommerce store successfulness or what tactics owners use to increase their sales? On online shopping, you need to make a vital impression such as taking a first impression on the number of websites which are designed poorly on revisiting. You need to learn from each one to gain even a single manifesto for your own store.

The following are among the top online shops and the tactics they apply:

Joco Cups.

Their homepage assists users to know the reasons of buying this cup that is reusable.

From the environmental perspectives, the cup is designed in a perfect way and can be given as a gift to anyone who likes a cuppa of any soft drink.

Their homepage can be used to sell-boost and hence you should feature your products on pages for customer attraction. Their homepage explains on how they are the best for customer persuasion.

Hello! Lucky.

It uses a funky and cute design all over their homepage such as on the header to the background with different patterns and the favicon star.

Product photos are filled excellently on the main slider like other websites.

DIY projects’ ideas and printable that are free to serve as an incentive to readers.


This online shop focus on a feeling of relaxation.

The button that is written “gifts” increases the user’s activity. On clicking on it there is a greeting message encouraging you to buy more books instead of one.

Drink for good.

This is a good cause since it uses new designs.

The bottles have designs that are creative and have a pleasant look.


A cool and modern feeling is achieved through use of bold fonts and a mix of colors.

The “10 dollars off coupon” writings help in bringing many subscribers.


This blog is often updated. Feature of the country where the barbers’ blades are made from is used here.Through this, visitors are capable of learning about this by scrolling on Harry’s homepage.

Marketing tips for 2016.

Have you opened a little shop and you need to employ some people to help you? The following are marketing tips for 2016 that can help you.

Creation of a content marketing strategy before starting

Generation of an Email automated marketing campaign.

Platform diversification through social media.

Putting a personalized strategy into action.

Making your own original content.

Marketing tactics.

Do you need to know tactics to increase your sales? The following are some of the tactics applied to various online fashion stores.

Dannijo: Its product homepage is kept simple. It features lots of product details and items that

Their customers are interested in.They also give their customers an option of uploading

Their photos when you have worn on their items.

2. Fashion bunker: is a retailer featuring popular creative brands

They use a trick of overall cleanliness and simple design with a ton of filter


2020AVE:They use polypore’s power in spreading the message

The contents earn a lot of exposure and polypore works for fashion stores

They also organize their clothes I a collection.

Lavish Alice: Their homepage is simple with a minimum design that focus more on product

Pictures than scripts.

Product filters make room for good navigation.

Style keepers: This helps royal customers in finding new collections immediately.

It is easy to access because of the buttons it contains such as facebook and

Instagram, which are located on different


Moneycontrol Markets

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