This is my initial Technology Report on the Instant Guaranteed Service TCP Technology , 8 patent numbers starting GB0312203.3 most recent GB0330114.0 filed between 28 May 2003 and 29 Dec 2003. Commercial ready software is currently being developed, tests results data sets derived therein will be collected to confirm and/or enhance the contents of this Report.

Instant Guaranteed Service TCP Technology (IGSTT). IGSTT is an interesting and promising technology. Actual results subject to confirmation through testing. Prototypes and commercial software currently is already partly completed.

TCP is an evolutionary technology. Most implementations have been updated as new ideas surface, including John Nagle’s algorithm for reducing congestion, Phil Karn’s algorithm and Van Jacobson’s many contributions. These innovations took TCP in new directions. Previously it was generally assumed that TCP was a slow protocol, sacrificing performance for loftier goals such as broad compatibility across platforms, and ability to scale over WANs. However, after these changes, TCP was found to perform far beyond its conservative roots and it handily displaced other popular (or in the case of OSI,unpopular) protocols.

Now that performance is well established, making file transfer speedsquite impressive, the new holy grail of the internet is multimedia performance. Everything from IP telephony to video conferencing and movie downloads all depend on data being delivered within a perception tolerance period; meaning human listeners and viewers do not perceive a problem despite real world network delivery.

Much progress has been made with Quality of Service (QoS) features are now available on most networking hardware and protocols such as RFC1889 RTP (Real Time Protocol) which aim to provide the fundamental time critical data delivery necessary for audio and video. However,QoS requires end-to-end implementation to be effective, and the reality of multi-vendor LAN and WAN connectivity make this challenging to achieve.

The IGSTT proposed protocol enhancements for TCP have a goal of achieving guaranteed service delivery for both raw data downloads and real time data, bypass QoS entirely. To be effective, one must either upgrade all computers at the site, or use a NAT-like concentrator to inject the technology between WAN links.

With IGSTT, real time data will have timely delivery if raw file transfers (such as HTTP) are not clogging up the router’s buffers, and this is possible if all TCP implementations competing for the bandwidth are sensitive to their sessions; bounded round trip times thereby avoiding overfull router and switch buffers. Under this system, TCP transmitters would very responsively throttle back the very moment the network starts to become congested, and this will allow rapid congestion recovery and free the network from further congestion Under IGSTT, the response time in throttling the transmission rate is built into TCP itself.

His system easily interoperates with every existing TCP. Of course,immediate wide spread adoption on the Internet seems unrealistic, but it is not actually fully necessary. Using tunnelling, such as is performed by NAT (Network Address Translation) implementations, only the tunnelling pairs would need to implement the changes. The diagram below depicts such a configuration which would use his modifications in the network core between the two tunnel ends over the Internet.

real client — tunnel end A – tunnel end B — real server

If tunnelling is employed at the ISP or the client site’s external router, then traffic shaping can be instituted, even against the greedy wishes of a client computer.

The choice of packet for determining round trip time calculation canbe difficult. Phil Karn’s research reminds us that TCP ACKs of retransmitted packets cannot be used for RTO calculation because theACK could be for the initial or the retransmitted packet. IGSTT strategy is to use the (_______).

It appears that the technology can deliver perception tolerance audio and video (subject to testing currently in progress), and tunnelling technologies are used to enable rapid deployment, this technology would prove extremely lucrative to the ISP market, corporate private network, and IGSTT technology resellers.

PLEASE NOTE : While the author believes to be true the contents contained in this report herein, no liability in any form whatsoever could be construed as arising in anyway whatsoever nor attributable relating to the use of the material herein.

(_____________) (_____________) * note : we provide this only to researchers group interested in technology collaborations with us *


SUMMARY :+ characteristics : all packets (both raw data & audio-visual) arrive within perception tolerance time period from source to destination on Internet.

+ possibly not a single packets (both raw data & audio-visual) ever gets dropped

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